Theatre Lessons & Resources for Everyone, Everywhere

We provide resources to teach theatre to people of all abilities, especially those with special needs.

Why We Started 4th Wall Backstage

We believe theatre is for all abilities, and is the vehicle for promoting teamwork, social skills, and empowerment. Our journey started with our sister business, 4th Wall Theatre Company, bringing theatre all over Michigan via workshops at schools, libraries, community centers, anywhere. But people from outside of Michigan kept asking us how to provide exciting classes and performances on their own.

In 2016 we decided to raise the curtain and let our secrets out. Introducing 4th Wall Backstage! Learn from our experience the most effective ways to bring theatre to students of all ages and abilities. Help us reach as many students and educators as possible to make sure theatre is available to everyone!

Latest Blog Posts

We all have an affinity for something. Cooking. Reading. Cycling. But if you have ever had the pleasure of working with someone with special needs, particularly someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), you know that one of their “super powers” can be their focus on a single topic. A student of mine adores Thomas the… Read More

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