Annie Klark
March 8, 2017

Holy cow, have we been on a media roll lately! Word is really getting out about 4th Wall Theatre Company and our work in the community. Just goes to show the impact theatre can have on students of all abilities; The ripple effect caused by exposure the arts reaches not just our students, but their families and communities as well.   

Here are a few examples of our stories from the last few weeks…

Michigan Radio (NPR)

We were excited to be featured on Michigan Radio, our statewide NPR station! A reporter attended one of our class meetings, and featured our students on their State of Opportunity segment on Feb 15. Listen and read it here.


The Alpena News

Two of our 4th Wall Instructors recently traveled for a week to Alpena, Michigan (about a 4-hour drive from our headquarters in the Detroit Metro area). They worked with students for five days, and presented a showcase at the end of the week. Here’s the story.

The Guardian

We were honored to be featured in an article in The Guardian about the therapeutic benefits of the arts. We’ve always know that the arts are therapeutic, and we’re glad that The Guardian is helping to spread the word! Read it here.

Detroit Free Press

Wow, a feature in the Sunday paper! Not only does this feature our students, our co-founders, and 4th Wall Theatre Company, this is the first time that the world is being introduced to our newest branch, 4th Wall Backstage! Read it here.

For more clips, articles, and information about 4th Wall and what we do, check out our Videos and Press page.

I can’t wait for the word to get out, and for educators from all walks of life to begin using our resources to bring Theatre To EVERYONE! Please help us to spread the word about 4th Wall Backstage, and let’s take on the theatre world together!

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