Katie Mann
January 30, 2018

Valentine’s Day Theatre Games

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to add some theatrics to the classrooms.  Below are four of our favorite games with a Valentine’s Day twist.  To get musical and acting games you can play all year round, check out our eBook.

Four Corners

This is a favorite!  Normally one would designate four corners of the room as Downstage Left, Upstage Right, etc.  But love can be a tricky topic for many of our students.  We often hear “Why don’t I have a boyfriend and when will I get one?” from our older students.  Therefore, before playing the corner, have a class discussion about different types of love.  Yes there are relationships, but there are also family, friends, and… pizza.  Pick four types of love or four things the class loves and label the corners as such.  Now it’s time to countdown from ten (without looking) and pick corners at random.  Those in the selected corner are out.  Repeat the process until you’re down to a small enough winning group.

This is Not A…

Typically this game is played with an object such as a towel or spatula.  It is passed around the circle and students have to announce, “This is not a towel… it’s a… hat!” as they put it on their head.  Or “This is not a towel it’s a … steering wheel!”  For the special occasion, pick a Valentine-y object like a paper heart, a card, or a stuffed bear.  It helps students really think outside the box!


Becoming is a rather becoming game!  To help students get to know their space, they stand and become what the instructor explains.  Normally we would say, “Act like a dinosaur!” or “Show me what it looks like if the floor is hot!”  But during this romantic time of the year say things like, “What would you look like if you ate too much candy?” or “Act like a flying cupid!”

Freeze Dance

Last but not least is the ole classic: Freeze Dance.  There are hundreds of songs about love.  For this cold time of year (in Michigan, at least) warm-up the room with songs like “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from the Lion King or “In the First Time Since Forever” from Frozen.

And, of course, if you want already choreographed songs and dances check out All You Need is Love or Shout! (it’s free) – both of which are perfect for the occasion!

Happy Valentine-ing!

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