Katie Mann
April 25, 2018

The 15 PECS You Need for Theatre

Teaching theatre to students with developmental disabilities is an amazing life work.  How to best support each actor’s needs?  A one-on-one onstage?  A spot marker for them to stand on?  Headphones?  Their lines in a tablet?  The list goes on and on.  For most supports we were able to find what we needed.  But there was one thing lacking that we couldn’t find anywhere:  PECS.  Just for the theatre.

We pride ourselves in our curriculum and how structured and routine-based it is.  But we needed visuals to go along with our activities.  Finally we decided to make them ourselves. (Truth be told, some we found, others we made, but the collection is uniquely ours).  And finally we decided to share them with you.  Enjoy!

Singing, Acting, and Dancing:  Obviously you cannot have a theatre class without singing, dancing, and acting.  We usually hold up the activity we are doing “now” and then what is “next.”  This is perfect for our actor’s processing abilities.  “Now we are singing (hold up PEC) and next we will be dancing (hold up PEC).”


All Things Show Related:  To put together a show you’ll need some PECS that are performance based.  We have Reading the Script, Practice the Show, and the only-used-once, Showtime!  (If you need a script perfect for this population, look no further).


Activities:  As you may have read elsewhere we have our own sets of games that are unique to 4th Wall.  But they are favorites!  Pictured is rhythm sticks but it can be any type of instrument like handbells or tambourines, Pass the Hat (a 4th Wall original!), Star (for any insert-here game), and Circle Time are all necessary to The 4th Wall Way.


Standard PECS:  And then we included everything a normal classroom would need: Water Break, Bathroom Break, etc.  We include a Home because one of our students was terrified she would never return home because there wasn’t a PEC for it.  So it’s included!  And then Quiet and Stop we made mini for us (you can make it whatever size you want) because it is usually given to a one-on-one aide for gentle reminds.


Let’s go on with the show!

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