When you’re working with beginning actors of varying abilities, encouraging participation can sometimes be difficult.  However, many students are already accustomed to singing songs in a “repeat after me” style.  This style of singing can create a safe environment for all to participate, and it is a good support for students who do not enjoy… Read More

Holy cow, have we been on a media roll lately! Word is really getting out about 4th Wall Theatre Company and our work in the community. Just goes to show the impact theatre can have on students of all abilities; The ripple effect caused by exposure the arts reaches not just our students, but their… Read More

How to Act Out a Storybook With Beginning Actors One of the easiest (and most fun!) things to do with a group of beginning actors is to have them act out a story that they already know. Although students may be breaking out of their comfort zone by getting up onstage and playing a character,… Read More

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