There are tons of scripts out there to choose from, but these five have proven the most successful with 4th Wall Theatre Company. Because we work with students of so many varied abilities, we’ve found it essential to use scripts that are fun and easy to learn (and teach!). Read More

It can be difficult to find the perfect book to inspire your next showstopper, especially when there are so many elements to look for: multiple characters with simple lines, a variety of activity levels, and – the most important element – a fun and entertaining plot! Instructors new to incorporating storybooks into their students’ performances… Read More

Valentine’s Day Theatre Games Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to add some theatrics to the classrooms.  Below are four of our favorite games with a Valentine’s Day twist.  To get musical and acting games you can play all year round, check out our eBook. Four Corners This is a favorite!  Normally one… Read More

Six Must-Dos for the First 10 Minutes of your First Class When I was studying for my teaching certificate, I came across Harry and Rosemary Wong’s book “The First Days of School.” It wonderfully outlines the importance of setting up a routine, classroom management, and all-around positive classroom atmosphere. (If you haven’t already read it, I… Read More

Character Study is an essential part of any actor’s process, no matter how experienced.  It involves creating and internalizing the details of your character’s life.  These details can range from personality traits, to history and family background, to even the most mundane details like favorite color or favorite food.  The more thought that an actor… Read More

When you’re working with beginning actors of varying abilities, encouraging participation can sometimes be difficult.  However, many students are already accustomed to singing songs in a “repeat after me” style.  This style of singing can create a safe environment for all to participate, and it is a good support for students who do not enjoy… Read More

How to Act Out a Storybook With Beginning Actors One of the easiest (and most fun!) things to do with a group of beginning actors is to have them act out a story that they already know. Although students may be breaking out of their comfort zone by getting up onstage and playing a character,… Read More

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