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We strive to make an accessible theatre experience for everyone. If you need help learning how to make our curriculum and products work for you and your students, check out our answers to common questions below. Have a question not answered here? Fill out our Contact Form and we’ll get back to you quickly!

How many students can participate in a 4th Wall Backstage curriculum?

Our curriculums are easily adapted for a variety of class sizes. We’ve used them in classes containing anywhere from 4-60 students! We even offer curriculum that can be used for all-school assemblies… that’s more than 200 people!

Do I need to have a stage?

Absolutely not! We’ve performed in classrooms, cafeterias, gyms, storage rooms, backyards, you name it. All you need is some kind of open space to conduct your rehearsals and performance. Check out our go to starter kit to help make starting your program easier.

Can non-verbal students participate?

Yes! Our games and activities contain modifications and supports with our non-verbal students in mind. Our songs all include basic translations in American Sign Language, and many of the lines in our scripts could be treated as a gesture or articulated by the narrator. No matter your communication modality, you can perform!

Can students with limited mobility participate?

Yes! Our curriculum can be easily modified for all students. Dance moves can be done using arms only (or even just facial expressions!), and our scripts are designed to allow for minimal movement if needed.

I’m a special education instructor. What if I’ve never taught theatre before?

4th Wall Backstage is perfect for you! Our step-by-step instructions make the process easy to follow. We teach you about the theatre, so you can feel comfortable teaching your students!

I’m a theatre educator. What if I’ve never worked with students with developmental disabilities?

4th Wall Backstage is perfect for you too! We give you tools to use your theatre knowledge in a way that is accessible for everyone. Our activities are designed to be flexible, so they may be used for students of all levels and abilities. (You may even recognize some familiar beloved theatre games, but with modifications to make theatre available to everyone!)

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