The Backstage Experience

With 4th Wall Backstage, providing an accessible theatre experience for everyone is fun and easy! With our ebooks and curriculum plans you’ll receive step-by-step instruction in creating your own theatre class.

At 4th Wall, we specialize in creating programs meeting the needs of a wide variety of students. Whether you feel your students would benefit from a single-day workshop or a multi-week program, we have the curriculum for you. Our resources give you the tools you need to provide your students with an enriching and exciting introduction to the theatre. Best of all, these resources have all been time-tested and used in our own 4th Wall classes!

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Steps to Setting Up Your Own Theatre Program

Anyone can create an accessible theatre experience – all you need is a group of students and a space to teach in, and you are ready to go! Once you’ve got the who and the where covered, here are the simple steps for implementing a 4th Wall Backstage program:

  • Based on the unique needs of your students, decide whether you feel they would benefit more from a single-day workshop or a multi-week program.
  • Check out our Five Piece Starter Instructor Kit blog post for ideas on supplies that you may need.
  • Use our ebooks as a resource for providing inclusive games and activities for a variety of levels.
  • Choose the full curriculum Ready-to-GO Show Kit that works best for your timeline.
  • Choose the script, song, and dance that you feel best suits your students needs.
  • Follow our blog for helpful tips as you go.
  • Feel free to email us at  with questions at any time throughout your program!

“Therapy In Disguise”

Our classes are always a good time! We include singing, dancing, and acting into every session held. No matter the age, ability, or verbal skills, we like to get our students moving, exploring, and learning. We value our curriculum as a professional grade theatre workshop, teaching such theatre essentials as projecting, “cheating out”, and stage directions. But as students learn about the theatre, we sneak in life skills reinforced with each new theatre game: eye contact, memory improvement, taking turns, speaking clearly, etc. Theatre is an excellent medium to learn/review social skills with dignity. Plus, it’s fun!

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