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1-Hour Theatre Intensive
Three Little Birds Vocal Track
Three Little Birds Instrumental Track
Three Little Birds ASL Video
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The 1-Hour Theatre Intensive is perfect for a one-time theatre workshop. At 4th Wall, we’ve done this many times– in schools, libraries, community centers, and more – to great success!

Inside are the the tools to plan a single-day workshop for beginning actors with varying abilities. We’re here to help you create a fantastic production, within the context of a positive, affirming, and educational environment. The curriculum outlined in this book is designed to include one singing number, one script, and one dance number… all within an hour. Plus it includes one of our mini-scripts, FREE!

Our Suggested Singing Number (33% OFF with this Bundle!)

This upbeat song has a great message of positive thinking! The ASL is easy to teach and to learn, and the simple lyrics make it a great choice for beginners of all ages.
Songwriter: Bob Marley

Our Suggested Dance Number

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