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Ready-to-GO Show - The Princess & the Dance Crew

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This Ready-to-GO Show kit includes everything you’ll need to put on a terrific show with your students in just six weeks! Just add actors and a location, and you’re READY TO GO!!!

With this kit, you’ll receive the tools to perform our original script, The Princess and the Dance Crew, including a day-by-day curriculum guide. It also includes choreography to the hit song Happy, music tracks and instructional sign language video for What a Wonderful World, and accompanying worksheets to use in your classroom.

Perfect for groups of 6-30 beginning actors of ALL abilities!

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About The Princess and the Dance Crew

Loosely based on the folktale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, The Princess and the Dance Crew is a great script for beginning actors to get a taste of the theatre with a story they already know. Our format gives multiple actors a chance to shine, with well delineated scenes, and simple entrances and exits. This twist on a classic fairy tale is the perfect introduction to learning basic theatre techniques in a short rehearsal time.
Length of Production: approximately 20 minutes, without additional dancing

About What a Wonderful World

This song is a fantastic choice for any group of singers! The lyrics teach a beautiful lesson about gratitude and appreciation. The imagery is familiar to all, and the ASL interpretation is extremely accessible, making this a great choice for those with varying abilities. We, at 4th Wall, use this song as an introduction to signing, as there are many basic signs (like colors) within this iconic song.
Songwriters: Bob Thiele, George David Weiss

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