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Greek Mini-Play – The Great Mystery
Three Little Birds Vocal Track
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Three Little Birds ASL Video
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Resource Description

You will need no prep time to put on a play with this Greek Chorus mini-script. Simply pick up the script and read! Your class will follow the instructions of the narrator and begin acting right away. This is an instantly downloadable virtual resource. Not a physical product. (PDF, mp4, mp3 file formats)

About The Great Mystery

The Great Mystery was created to help students explore how to connect emotions to actions through body language, movement, and music. Students will be excited about acting out the story, while also learning lessons about how to express themselves in a safe space. This script is a great tool to add some variety to a unit on emotions, or use it as an engaging anytime classroom activity! We’ve even included opportunities in the script to pair it with one of our favorite ASL songs, Three Little Birds, and one of our most fun and accessible dances, Happy!  

This original script was made in collaboration with the Missoula Children’s Theatre. Thank you for your hospitality and a wonderful workshop experience.

About Three Little Birds

This upbeat song has a great message of positive thinking! The ASL is easy to teach and to learn, and the simple lyrics make it a great choice for beginners of all ages.
Songwriter: Bob Marley

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