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The King Learns About Love Teacher's Guide
The King Learns About Love Student Script
The King Learns About Love Sound Effect Playlist
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Resource Description

Set your students up for success with a performance of our original play The King Learns About Love. Purchase all 3 items to best prepare you and your students for an amazing production. These are instantly downloadable virtual resources. Not physical products.

  • Teacher’s Guide – a detailed resource for you, the director! Includes casting breakdowns, staging tips, and musical suggestions. (PDF file)
  • Student Script – basic version of the script including lines only, to keep things simple for your actors. Reproducible. (PDF file)
  • Sound Effect Playlist – ready-to-go sound cues, setting the perfect scene for the audience and providing helpful guidance to your actors. (mp3 files)

Sample Pages

About The King Learns About Love

This fun original script is a great tool for teaching about the many kinds of love we experience. Lines are easily divided and re-assigned, allowing for maximum flexibility in casting with our Numbered Script Method. The King Learns About Love is ideal for working with actors of varying abilities. Scenes are easy to block, staging is straight-forward, and the lines are simple to learn. Plus, your students learn a valuable lesson about caring for the people in their lives!

Play Snapshot:

  • Speaking parts: 10-30
  • Lines per character: 1-6
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Length: Approximately 12-15 min

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