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Resource Description

Set your students up for success with a performance of “True Colors”. Purchase all 3 items to best prepare you and your students for an amazing show. These are instantly downloadable virtual resources. Not physical products.

  • Vocal Track w/ Free Lyric Sheet – perfect to practice with when you are first teaching the song. Also great for student’s needing a bit more vocal support. (mp3, PDF file formats)
  • Instrumental Track w/ Free Lyric Sheet – great for students ready to shine and be in the spotlight. (mp3, PDF file formats)
  • ASL Instructional Video – a great learning experience for your students, and it makes singing more accessible to all students! (mp4 file)

About True Colors

With a message as striking as the music, this song is sure to be a favorite! Fun to sing with beautifully choreographed signing, it tells a story about being yourself no matter what.
Songwriters: Billy Steinberg & Tom Kelly for Cyndi Lauper (1986)

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