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What a Wonderful World Vocal Track
What a Wonderful World Instrumental Track
What a Wonderful World ASL Video
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Resource Description

Set your students up for success with a performance of “What a Wonderful World”. Purchase all 3 items to best prepare you and your students for an amazing show. These are instantly downloadable virtual resources. Not physical products.

  • Vocal Track w/ Free Lyric Sheet – perfect to practice with when you are first teaching the song. Also great for student’s needing a bit more vocal support. (mp3, PDF file formats)
  • Instrumental Track w/ Free Lyric Sheet – great for students ready to shine and be in the spotlight. (mp3, PDF file formats)
  • ASL Instructional Video – a great learning experience for your students, and it makes singing more accessible to all students! (mp4 file)

About What a Wonderful World

This song is a fantastic choice for any group of singers! The lyrics teach a beautiful lesson about gratitude and appreciation. The imagery is familiar to all, and the ASL interpretation is extremely accessible, making this a great choice for those with varying abilities. We, at 4th Wall, use this song as an introduction to signing, as there are many basic signs (like colors) within this iconic song.
Songwriters: Bob Thiele, George David Weiss

Student Performance

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