Monster Mash – Choreography

This fun, free choreography is perfect for the Halloween season! Works great as part of a spoooky performance, or as a fun classroom activity!
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Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Choreography

This free choreography will be sure to delight at a holiday concert or Christmas celebration! Fun for the audience and students alike!
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Shake It Off – Choreography

With an upbeat tempo and fun choreography, your students will love this free dance number! Easy to learn and easy to teach!
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Shout – Choreography

Get everyone moving with this classic dance number! Shout is perfect for encouraging participation from all of your students. It's fun and upbeat, and our dance moves are easily modified to be accessible for students of all abilities. A perfect closer to any production, it even includes optional audience participation!
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This is Me – Choreography

This hit song from The Greatest Showman contains dynamic music and a powerful message. Add in our accessible choreography and it's a perfect number for performers of all abilities to feel confident and empowered!
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Thriller – Choreography

This Michael Jackson classic is a Halloween favorite! We've taken the iconic choreography, and simplified it so that dancers of all abilities can join in the fun. A SPOOKY choice on it's own, or you can pair it with our Halloween script!
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